10 Steps to ordering and using a Outdoor Barbecue Griddle Top Plate

Step by Step Video & Photo Guide to Ordering & Using a Griddle Master Griddle Top Plate
Please understand that you do not need to purchase a new grill if you currently have a properly working gas outdoor grill. Griddle Master does not sell grills, only the griddle top. Our griddle tops fit in place of your grill grates. Most of the grates are probably in a condition of needing replacement anyway. You won’t have to buy a new grill or pay the expensive price to replace the grates. You will be able to remove your outdoor grill grates and insert our Griddle Master Griddle Top.

1. Go out to your BBQ Grill and measure the following: Width – left to right and measure the Depth – front to back. When measuring the Width, please subtract 3 inches from your total. Our standard lip size is 2″. Visually make sure on your grill that you have room for whatever size lip you want going all the way around your griddle top. Sometimes some grills have a heating element for rotisserie that may be in the way of having a taller lip. Please watch this video for an example on how to measure for your new griddle top.

2. Come back to GriddleMaster.com and order yourself a new Griddle Top.  Click this link to order a Griddle Master Teppanyaki Grill Top | Griddle Top Plate | Custom BBQ Griddle Top | Outdoor Griddle | Barbecue Griddle or Click Here if you have a Bakers & Chefs 8 Burner Event Grill .

3. Our griddle tops are manufactured in less than 5 days on the average. Your new Custom BBQ Griddle Top is proudly made in the USA. It will ship via ground shipping from Kansas. On the day it ships, We will send you a tracking number so you will know when to expect your order.

4. While you are waiting for your order to arrive, take the time to clean your grill insides. Remove your grates as well as the flame covers. Your grates will just lift off and most grills have a flame cover that protects the juices from hitting the flame directly. Most of them just set in place. You will want to remove them as well. We don’t need anything in place to protect the fire element. So remove the grates and flame guards. You can store them for possible future use “if” you ever want to use your grates again! Below are a few images of:

Grill with Grates, with grates removed and fire guard exposed, with fire guard removed.
Outdoor-Grill-with-Grates Outdoor-Grill-with-Fire-Guard Outdoor-Grill-with-Grates-Fire-Guard-Removed

5. Once the Griddle Top arrives at your door, you will only need to clean the top if you ordered rust oleum coating on the bottom side. Wash the top with soap & water. We recommend for you to use a simple green or brillo pad and soap and water. I like the simple green method best. This helps to get all the machine oil off the griddle top.

6. If you didn’t have us paint the bottom, now you need to place the griddle top upside down in a well ventilated area on the card board that your griddle top was shipped in. Use a can of Rust-oleum High Heat 1200 or 2000 degrees black spray paint. You can find this at Home Depot or Loews. Do not spray the inside of your grill. Here is a video of the process.

7. Set your griddle top in your grill. Now get yourself some olive oil or better yet, flaxseed oil and a few paper towels. Lightly pour the oil on your new Griddle top and use the paper towels to spread it all over the top and side walls of your griddle top. Make sure that it is not a thick coat. A “very very very” thin film is highly recommended. If you try to speed up this process and go heavy on the coating, you will have a gummy seasoning and it will not work well and you will have to redo after scraping it off. Turn on all your burners to medium. If you have a grill lid, you will want to close it. Come back in 30 minutes or until the top is not smoking anymore. Open the lid and carefully apply another very thin layer to the top and sides (you may wish to dip the several layer of folded up paper towel bunch in the oil and apply with tongs. Put lid down if you have one and wait until it stops smoking. Do this re-applying several times until the top is mostly black. Outer edges and sides will turn black quicker if you have a lid. This is what we call seasoning your griddle top. It is creating a non-stick surface as well as a weather protector for your griddle top.


8. Once you are done Seasoning your Griddle Top, you are free to start cooking away.

9. After you are done cooking you have two options: clean the griddle right away or clean the griddle top later. Either way, do not attempt to clean a griddle top that is “extremely Hot!” What do I mean by extremely hot? If you have had the burners on high (which you should never do anyway) for more than a few minutes, let the griddle cool off for just a little while. Use a flipper to get most of the excess food off the griddle top and then squirt some water on the griddle top surface and use your spatula to move the water around and flip excess food into a stainless steel bowl for discarding. Then use a cotton rag (or multiple paper towels) folded up multiple times to wipe off the excess water and repeat the water & cotton rag wipe off as many times as needed. Be careful of the steam, it can burn you if you are not careful.

10. After griddle top is clean and dry, apply a light coat of oil all over the griddle top Outdoor-Griddle-Top-Foilusing dry paper towels to help protect it. Please do not leave it exposed to the outdoor elements or it will rust. Keep the griddle top Inside your grill oiled up and with the cover closed and preferably using a grill cover is best for basic storage. Griddle Master Joe recommends and does for himself the following: after cleaning and applying a thin coating of oil to protect the griddle surface, get a roll of heavy duty aluminum foil and tear off a long enough sheet that will cover your Griddle Top from left to right. See Image Place it firmly over your entire griddle top. This is especially useful for people up north over the winter.


That is all there is to using a Griddle Master Teppanyaki Grill Top | Griddle Top Plate | Custom BBQ Griddle Top | Outdoor Griddle | Barbecue Griddle.

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