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Getting Started

Griddle Master wants you to understand that cooking on a griddle top is fun and easy. It saves money by using less gas, cooking faster, and allowing the ability to cook multiple food at the same time and with only one pan (the griddle top). Then cleanup is a snap. We have provided a lot of information on our site to help you feel comfortable about ordering and using a griddle top. You see a lot of restaurants using a griddle top to cook all types of their foods. So why shouldn’t you have that same ability at home, restaurant, food truck or RV . Well now you can. Griddle Master custom makes every griddle top that can fit your BBQ Grill ,Stove top, Tail Gate Grill or charcoal Grill at home or the neighborhood park.

All you really have to do is measure the size you want and go on under products and select the correct product. Our Griddle Top products allow you to enter in the specific Width (left to right), Depth (front to back), Lip size (side walls). A lot more people are ordering a 3 inch lip for multiple reason.With a 3” lip, it makes the griddle more rigid along with the ability to sear the sides of a steak while searing the bottom and top by pushing the steak against the lip. A 3” lip also gives a good side and back splash compared to a 1” lip.
For your convenience, if you order 2 inch lip or higher, we automatically taper (angle downward) the side walls and front lip to 1 ½ inches.

Then we finish off most griddle tops with strategically placed reinforced steel on the sides and bottom. This help to allow the griddle to hold it shape with the changing of temperatures and flames.

So after 4+ years, Griddle Master has proven to be the #1 Griddle Top Manufacturer in the country. Supplying homes and businesses with a product that makes cooking fun and easy.

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