Griddle Plate for Weber Grill Griddle Top

Griddle Plate Weber Grill Griddle TopConvert your regular Weber Grill into a Weber Griddle Top. By simply taking out the Weber BBQ grates, you can turn your old Weber Grill into an amazing Weber Griddle Top Plate | Custom BBQ Griddle Top | Outdoor Griddle | Barbecue Griddle. Our Custom Weber Grill Griddle Top maximizes your outdoor cooking experience. Why grill on grates where food and juices fall through? Now you will have two options when you use your BBQ, grill or griddle. Take out your  Weber BBQ grates and replace them with a Custom Griddle Master Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top. Our Custom Teppanyaki Grill Top is different than others on the market.

Our Custom Teppanyaki Grill Top is made to fit your Weber BBQ grill. The Custom Teppanyaki Grill Top will easily fit in place of your grates. Thus allowing the griddle to distribute the heat faster and more evenly.

All you need to do is measure the inside *dimensions of your current Weber Grill and we will send a perfect fitting griddle replacement right to your front door.
boton-shippingWith a Weber Grill Griddle Top, you have unlimited cooking versatility. The Griddle Master Griddle Top makes cooking and clean up, fun and easy.

Our Custom BBQ Teppanyaki Grill Tops are made in the U.S.A., so you can expect a quality product. Entertain your friends and family like a pro. Kick off your next backyard barbecue with an outdoor Custom Griddle Master BBQ Teppanyaki Grill Top. It is the perfect accessory for your Weber Grill and outdoor entertaining.


10 Steps to ordering and using a Griddle Master Outdoor Barbecue Griddle Top Plate

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