Griddle Top Maintenance

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After regular use of the Griddle Master Griddle Top, you will want to allow the griddle top to cool down for 5 minutes or so and then use a flipper to remove any loose food or oil left on the griddle top. After the initial removal of loose pieces, squirt some water on the top and use your flipper to scrape off and loosen any coated or baked on remnants. After a couple applications of water and wiping off to clean griddle top. Final thing to do is apply a thin coat of oil to coat the griddle top. This help protect the top from the weather. Never keep out in the rain, always keep covered. Treat the griddle top like a cast iron skillet.

If storing for long periods of time, use a thicker amount of oil and you may wish to apply a sheet of aluminum foil to the Griddle top to add an extra barrier from the weather. Make sure to cover all exposed cooking areas of the griddle top.

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