Griddle Warranty

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Griddle Warranty

Certain Custom Griddle Master products are guaranteed to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Our warranty is non-transferable and valid only with proof of purchase.

Our warranty does not include damages caused by improper set-up, accidents, improper storage, misuse (“applying water while the griddle is hot”). The customer shall be responsible for the proper set-up, use and storage of the product. Under no circumstances is Griddle Master liable for any direct or indirect costs or damages.

By purchasing our Griddle Master Griddle Top, you release Griddle Master from all liability of damages caused by the Griddle Top. You accept all responsibility of damages to your grill / equipment you are operating the Griddle Top on. We have tested the product on multiple pieces of equipment without any damages to the grill for multiple years.

Please make sure you allow an opening at least 1 inch for smaller and 2 inches for larger grills on each side of the griddle when measuring for your final product. This is necessary to allow room for the heat to escape so there will be no damage to your grill.

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