Griddle Cooking

A griddle has quickly become an indispensable cooking appliance. Griddles are no longer just used only in restaurants and cafeterias. You are now able to cook like a chef and entertain like a pro in your home. You can turn out delicious, restaurant-style meals at home.

Functional Cooking Surface

A griddle allows you to cook different kinds of food quickly and evenly, therefore, creating an ideal cooking surface for putting together a meal. You are able to cook a steak, onions, mushrooms and broccoli all at the same time. In addition, the griddle cooking surface distributes the heat evenly; thus creating a moist, flavorful meal.griddle

Also, griddles takes the cooking outdoors, eliminating grease, strong odors and heat from your kitchen. Clean ups are a breeze as well. Simply spray water on the top and it quickly comes clean. No need for harsh detergent or scrubbing, as the griddle creates a natural non-stick cooking surface.


Another wonderful benefit of cooking on a griddle, you can feed a large number of people. The Griddle Master Griddle Top allows you to serve more people at the same time. No longer do you have to cook in batches, only to have the food getting cold before you are done cooking.

High Heat Cooking

Our heavy cold rolled steel griddles retains the heat like a cast iron. The high heat perfectly sears any meat while retaining the juices to prevent it from drying out like a grill would. Furthermore, the higher temperature cooking allows you to set the burners on low which saves gas and money.

Our Made in the U.S.A. griddles are custom-made and durable. You know you are getting a quality product. Not to mention, you won’t need an extra piece of equipment. Our griddles work with your existing grills. Check out some of our griddles.

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