Good Morning Joe,

I have to say that this is the best thing I have done with a grill in a long time. I cooked an entire meal on it on Saturday with exception of corn and salad. I did garlic butter shrimp, flat iron steak, onions with baby bella mushrooms, and broccoli steamed under a stainless bowl.

I should have ordered the handle-It’s from you instead of making my own. I made a handle from a drawer pull and a hole saw cut piece of wood but had to go to Home Depot, etc. but the 5 qt bowl works just like you said it would.

I dusted the local gulf brown shrimp a few hours before cooking with Cowboy Trail Dust by a company in Comfort, Texas called

In fact the owner and spice maker was present for dinner and just loved it.

Again, I am really glad that I found your product and absolutely love how it cooks and the quality of the build. The addition of the angle iron reinforcement bars kept it absolutely flat.

Stay in touch,

John Spreen, TX


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