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How-To Videos

Videos have become a great way to show customers the How-To’s of using the Griddle Master product. This page contains multiple videos that will help you learn how to measure, order, prepare for, season and clean your Griddle Master Griddle Top. If you have any suggestions, questions or need help using our product please. Please call or use the form below.

How to measure your BBQ for a Griddle Master Griddle top

How to modify the Membersmark / Bakers & Chefs 8 burner event grill to hold the Griddle Master Griddle Top

How to clean Griddle Top when it first arrives

How to Lock Down the Griddle Top

GM#1026-How to Season a Griddle Top (new Version 2015)

How to Clean after cooking on a Griddle Master Griddle Top / Blackstone Griddle Alternative

How to remove grease from Griddle Master Griddle Top

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