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How do I measure for my Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top?

You will want to be as exact as possible when measuring. Open your grill and measure the inside area that your grates sit on. The width is from left to right. This normally will be the wider number. Depending on the size of your grill, you will need to deduct either 2 or 3 inches from the total width. (2 inches if griddle total width is less than 30 inches or 3 inches for anything over 30 inches wide) This will give heat a way to escape from your grills underneath side. Remember your grill is made for the heat just to rise. We are asking you to allow at least (2 inches, 1 inches on each side for the heat to be able to escape.

Now the depth, measure from front to back. This is the measurement you will want to be the most careful on. Make sure you leave 1/8 to 1/4 inch of room, so the Griddle will just fit in place. If your depth is exactly 19 1/8, order a top that is 19. Do not order a top that will fit exactly in your grill. This is steel. It can expand. we want room for it to fit easily. You usually have a lip that your grates set on that is 1/2 inch on the front and 1/2 inch on the back. Make sure you give yourself a little play room for your top to fit.

The height / Lip is just how high of a lip you want on the griddle top. We bend each side up. Usually 1 to 3 inch. The 3 inch lip has become the most popular. It acts as a back splash and allows you to sear the side of the steak at the same time. If you order 2” or higher, we will automatically taper the left and right side near the front of the griddle to a 1 ½ inch front. Making for a easy use of your griddle top. Make sure your grill has room on all 4 sides for whatever size lip you request.

What if I measured wrong and my Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top does not fit?

We handle each case as it arises. You will need to take pictures and email them to along with your order number & date of purchase. Please double & triple check your measurements before placing your order so this does not happen to you. Because this is custom built just for you, chances are we will not be able to use the steel and a steep restocking fee will be charged as well as return shipping. No one wins in this case so please be sure when measuring.

Do I have to do something to the Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top before I can use them?

YES!!! 2 things. Wash it well with soap & water. We recommend using a brillo pad to remove all the machine oils and then you will need to season the top so food won’t stick to it. Seasoning will also help protect the top from rusting.

Will the Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top rust?

It can if not properly cared for. You don’t want to leave it exposed to rain & humidity. After each cleaning, spray a little nonstick spray of your choice and wipe all over to lubricate the top and help protect from the weather and it will prolong the life of your griddle top.

How do I clean the Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top?

First of all, allow the Griddle Top time to cool down. DO NOT SQUIRT LARGE QUANTITY OF LIQUID ON YOUR GRIDDLE TOP WHILE IT IS HOT. Then use water. “No soap” because the top is seasoned. It will absorb the soap and make your food taste bad. If it is completely cooled down, just heat the top up slightly, squirt some water and use a scraper / spatula to help clean the griddle. Then use a rag or paper towels to help wipe and dry the grill. Be extremely careful of the hot top and the steam because if not careful, it will burn you. AGAIN, LET THE TOP COOL DOWN BEFORE APPLYING WATER FOR CLEANING. You can wash the griddle top warm, but you don’t want to give it a sudden thermal shock. (a small amount of liquid to deglaze should be okay, but not tons of water after having had the griddle top blazing hot). I prefer washing the Griddle Top while it is warm, as I find it easier than letting it cool all the way down.

Will my Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top be shiny after many uses?

Once properly seasoned and after several uses, it will turn totally black.  It will create a non stick surface.  After the first seasoning, it will not be shiny any more.

Is there a warranty with the Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top?

Certain Custom Griddle Master products are guaranteed to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Our warranty is non-transferable and valid only with proof of purchase.

Our warranty does not include damages caused by improper set-up, accidents, improper storage, misuse (“applying water while the griddle is hot”). The customer shall be responsible for the proper set-up, use and storage of the product. Under no circumstances is Griddle Master liable for any direct or indirect costs or damages.

By purchasing our Griddle Master Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top, you release Griddle Master from all liability of damages caused by the Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top.  You accept all responsibility of damages to your grill / equipment you are operating the Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top on.  We have tested the product on multiple pieces of equipment without any damages to the grill.  Please make sure you allow at least 1.5 inches of open area on each side of the griddle when measuring for your final product.  This is necessary to allow room for the heat to escape so there will be no damage to your grill.

How long does it take to ship my product once you receive payment?

Due to our Griddle Tops all being custom made, it can take up to 10 to 14 days in manufacturing. We are proud of our product being manufactured in the USA. We try to keep our commercial top full version for the Bakers & Chefs / Members Mark grill purchased at Sams Club in stock. So this may ship the same day if in stock. Accessory products will ship the next day.

Can I pay for overnight shipping for my Griddle Plate / Teppanyaki Grill Top?

Yes.  You will need to call us and pay for that.  Please note that this will be quite costly as the product is heavy.  Shipping a heavy product overnight is very costly.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, you will need to pay the freight and possible taxes or charges. We have shipped to Hawaii, Bermuda and the additional shipping cost will be billed to the customer.

Do you accept returns?

There is a minimum 25% restocking fee on merchandise returned or exchanged for any reason other than a product defect, transportation damage or product types not conforming with your order.

You must call (305) 450-1851 for a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and the shipping address. Please make sure you write the RAN number on the outside of the box when you send it back to us.

Returns without an RAN issued by Griddle Master will be refused; provided, however, that at Griddle Master’s discretion, Griddle Master may accept the returned product but will charge a 50% restocking fee.

Before a Return Authorization Number can be issued, customer must send (mail or email) photographs of the visible defect(s) along with a written statement clearly stating the damage, defect or non-conforming nature of the product, invoice number, invoice date and item order number.

Defective or non-conforming items (other than items damaged during transportation) will be replaced by Griddle Master with exact matching items at no additional cost.

Returns will not be accepted after 30 days from delivery of merchandise.



Transportation damage must be reported to us immediately. Items damaged in transit have to be reported to us within 2 business days after delivery at the very latest.

My Griddle Top started to lift up on one corner. Why, and will it go back down?

There are some occasions where the griddle top may lift slightly on one side or the other. Most commonly this is caused by applying cold water while the grill is very hot. You “MUST” allow the griddle top time to cool down, just like a frying pan. Otherwise it will warp, just like a frying pan. Another possible cause is either having your heat up too high or you are cooking too far to one side of the griddle top. If this occurs, you can reduce or prevent lifting by cooking on low or medium low. Trust us, having a griddle top allows all the generated heat to be used and absorbed by the cooking surface. Another thing to consider, is if cooking just a small portion of food, cook in the center of your griddle. Put the middle burners on and leave the end burners off. Cooking on the extreme left or right may cause one side to contract. This is due to one side being hot and the other being cold. As the top cools down, it will return to it’s flat position. Remember “Low is the best way to go”, it will be hot enough to put an amazing sear on your favorite steak or hamburger. Watch the chicken wings on a griddle top video and keep in mind, the entire meal was cooked on low.

Do you ship to Canada?

Can metal utensils be used like Benihana to prep, cut, cook & serve from the Griddle?

Yes, metal utensils can be used as the griddle tops are made of heavy steal.

What size griddle tops do you offer?

We custom make the griddle tops to fit your exact grill size.

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