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Griddle Tops made custom for Grill, Stove or Induction cooktop

With many different Griddle Tops available on the market, what makes Griddle Master’s Griddle Top any better? We offer our unique Griddle Top that goes “in place of your BBQ Grates” for the grill. You can easily switch between your grates and the Griddle Top if you like but customers are constantly stating they are never going back to their grates.

Because the Griddle Top sets inside “in place” of your BBQ grill grates, you only have to cook on low heat. Your Griddle Top will get much hotter and have consistent heat across the top. You save time & money multiple ways. You don’t have to wait 10 minutes for your grill grates to heat up before starting to cook. Turn you grill on and set it to high and after 1 to 2 minutes switch the flames to low on all burners and you are ready to start cooking. After the 1st time using the Griddle Master griddle top, you will see why we call it the “fountain of youth” for your BBQ. Nothing drips down causing the insides to rust and corrode.

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